ToppleTester®, ToppleMate, ToppleTilt, & DigiTilt

The ToppleTester® is the objective method for testing gravestone and memorial stability.

Unstable memorials can cause serious injury or even death. The ToppleTester® is used to apple a controlled force at the top of the memorial, or at a specified height, to ensure that the memorial is firm at this force and does not constitute a danger.

The ToppleTester® is specifically designed for this test function, to give an audible signal when the test force for which it is calibrated is applied.

The ToppleTester® can be set to establish stability at chosen forces including:

* 35kg according to Professor Knapton    (Model TTM 35)
* 25kg according to BS 8415                       (Model TTM 25)
* Other selected single forces                     (Model TTM xx)

The ToppleTester® is supplied calibrated for the test force requested by the burial authority or memorial mason concerned. It is delivered complete with carrying case and calibration certificate. An annual calibration service is available and recommended.

The TTM ToppleTesters® are widely used throughout the United Kingdom and Germany by burial authorities and memorial masons.

The ToppleMate

used in conjunction with the ToppleTester:-
Minimises strain and fatigue
Increases operating safety
Ensures precise control
Allows economical single operator use
Assures the bereaved of a professional approach

The ToppleTilt

A simple to use inclinometer to measure memorial tilt and monitor movement over time. Includes force retention feature to make measurement read-off easy.

The DigiTilt

A digital instrument to give accurate measurement of memorial lean and to monitor long-term movement. Hold button allows easy reading of results

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