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The first patent for hot stamping was recorded in 1892. In the following 130 years the hot metal stamping process has seen enormous technical advancements and many new patents.

The result: billions of items worldwide are now produced using hot stamping – a huge number of products, with an extensive range of materials, colours and finishes.

For 68 years Pearson Panke has been providing clients with expert knowledge to select and specify the most appropriate hot stamping machines with the optimum speed and versatility for their applications.

We represent many blue chip machinery manufacturers that produce a wide range of standard and bespoke machines.


Rather than try and explain the impossible and cover every solution, we have highlighted three examples – click logos for more information:

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Technoshell offer a wide range of machines to beautify your products. Their hot foil stamping machines and heat transfer machines operate on up-down and roll-on principles to cover many applications.

They are used by companies producing leading cosmetic and personal care products.

Contact us to discuss which Technoshell machine will deliver the correct solution for your requirements.

Technoshell - Cap Hot Foil Stamping Machine
One of the range of Technoshell hot foil stamping machines.
Some examples of processes we have provided hot stamping machines or heat transfer foil solutions for:
  • Can Coating
  • Ceramics Coating
  • Cosmetics
  • Decorating Equipment
  • Food Packaging
  • Glass
  • Inscriptions and Decoration on Plastics
  • Long Cap Closures
  • Tube Decoration

we are Exclusive UK agents for some of the world’s leading machinery manufacturers


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