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Erichsen is a modern innovative company that has been providing a wide range of testing machines and equipment for over 100 years. They serve the sheet metal processing, surface coating, anti-corrosion and materials testing industries.

Their products meet global requirements on testing technology and exceed international demands on accuracy.

Pearson Panke offers re-calibration and certification services for Erichsen testing machines as well as instruments and machines from other manufacturers.

Sheet metal testing:

  • Deep Drawing Test, Sheet Metal Marking, Specimen Preparation
  • Surface testing
  • Formability of Coating Material, Viscosity and consistency,
  • Density
  • Electrical properties of paints, Grain Size and Pigment Dispersion, Opacity and hiding power, Film application
  • Drying
  • Film thickness, Flexibility, Adhesion, Impact Resistance.
  • Hardness
  • Abrasion resistance and scrub ability, Chalking, Gloss, Colorimetry, Brightness, Porosity, Surface Inspection, Physical
  • Measurement
  • Corrosion testing
  • Salt spray (fog) and condensation tests, Weathering tests, Specimen preparation, Corrosion Quick Test
  • Materials testing
  • Material Testing Machines, Mobile Measuring Systems, Electric Sensors, Hydraulic Measuring Systems.

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