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Roland Electronic develop, produce and distribute highly specialised systems for factory automation and quality control.

Their sensors and controllers solve production tasks that cannot be addressed using standard sensors.

As a flexible, modern company, Roland Electronic provide Pearson Panke’s customers with expertise and dependability that they can count on. They offer solutions for a wide variety of industries: automotive, metal packaging, sheet and tube processing, home appliances, tyre manufacture, wires and cables, pharmaceuticals, battery industry and photovoltaics.

Roland Electronic’s core business utilises magnetic flux, eddy current and induction. With these technologies, they create sensors for very specialised detection tasks.

They also use the latest laser technology where the advantages of optical technology are required.

Innovation to deliver to customer requirements is their strength. Roland Electronic developments are always focused on their core competencies, using the latest sensor and communication technologies.

Roland Electronic invest heavily in research and development, enabling new improved products to be produced constantly.


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